Removal Defense

Removal Proceedings (formerly and commonly known as “Deportation Proceedings”) is one of the most difficult and complex areas of immigration law. If you or a loved one is facing deportation and removal from the United States, you need to contact an attorney immediately. The firm litigates cases throughout the state of Florida and can help you regardless of whether you or your loved one is detained or has been released from detention.

Bond Hearings

If you or your loved one has been denied bond by ICE, we may be able to request a bond hearing before an Immigration Judge. At the Bond Hearing, the Immigration Judge will look at the facts, evidence, and mitigating and aggravating circumstances of the case and determine whether the noncitizen can and should be released from detention.

If the noncitizen is denied bond, he or she will remain in detention for the duration of the removal hearings. We can help prepare a persuasive bond packet to improve your chances of release.
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